The Reirth of My Blog

After 3 years of not doing anything on this blog, I decided to revive it.

I am pretty sure it was hacked because I could not access anything on the site or even get to the admin login page. It’s kind of a bummer because all the content I had on here was pretty good. I guess that means I’ll just have to start over with great new content..

It’s funny how life goes for everyone, how it can take a turn and put you back. In 3 years I have had many ups and down including health issue, money issues and unexpected life things.

Now its time to get refocused and do the proper things in order to get my business back to where it was a few years ago. Although I never really left the industry, I did fall into the shiny object syndrome for awhile. Luckily I am finally seeing where I need to go and do.

This blog may look plane at the moment but it will change in the weeks and months to come.